Printing with Yellow Owl Workshop

Last year I came across the work of Christine Schmidt online and instantly fell in love. Then I saw she had put together a printmaking book that celebrates everything handmade so I snapped it up straight away. Print Workshop by Yellow Owl Studio is an amazing little book that is packed full of fun, experimental techniques that are all easy to follow and affordable (one method involves a potato, another a piece of string). Whenever I feel a little lost of what to do I just have to have a quick flick through the colourful pages and immediately feel inspired to print.

Above is a technique I tried out the other day using some string, a little block of wood, a spindle and some textile ink. Just wrap the piece of string around the block or spindle, secure, dab on some paint, stamp or roll on some paper or fabric and voila! Lovely textured patterns within minutes using bits and bobs from around the house.

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