Colours May Vary

Atlast! A local, independent bookshop that sells so many creative journals, coffee table books, cards, wrap, notebooks and generally lovely hand printed stuff, I could hardly contain my excitement. In fact, I was so excited I bought all the nice things below in some sort of frenzy- afterall it would be wrong to visit a shop filled with colourful, printed objects and leave empty handed.

Wrap Magazine- full of Nordic delights

Kauniste hand printed bag designed by Hanna Konola

Printed foil card by Sanna Annukka from 1973

Foil card by quaint French company Petit Atelier

Amazing little paper wolf by Karolin Schnoor

 It's about time Leeds had it's own hub of designers, illustrators and makers, a place where young creatives can showcase their work or nip in to buy a good magazine or printed notebook by one of your favourite designers. It's a very inspirational place, handy for research for a new project or simply to browse it's lovely contents. Take a stroll out of the busy city center and pop in to Colours May Vary- I promise you won't be disappointed.

Colours May Vary is located on the ground floor of Munro House, Leeds, opposite Cafe 164