A few snapshots of what I've been up to in the past week or so;

Took a trip to Salts Mill on my lunch break (one of the benefits of working in Saltaire) and lurked around the amazing stationary shop for a while. Heaven!

Headed to Windermere for a few days and found this super handy guide book in our apartment, sadly we didn't get to go on any adventures up mountains as it rained none stop.

We visited the Classic Motor Museum, which although sounds boring was actually really good. My love of all this nostalgic has definitely been passed down from my old man. The walls were covered in these colourful hand painted metal signs.

A bicycle that took my fancy.

We stopped off at the pretty little town of Skipton on the way home where I spotted this 1960's Scandinavian-esque kettle in a charity shop window for only £5- it was meant to be.

And finally, I discovered Lionheart Magazine. A lovely little mag full to the brim with lovely writing and pretty pictures. After purchasing my first copy at Salts Mill, I later found out you can buy the first 3 copies for only £10! Buy yours HERE